Who We Are

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Lions Quest Canada – The Centre for Positive Youth Development was established in 1988 and is based in Cambridge, Ontario.

Lions Quest Canada is a registered charitable organization dedicated to fostering positive youth development by producing and disseminating effective tools to empower and unite caring adults in all aspects of young people’s lives. These tools include innovative and well-researched programs, products, training and services for youth, parents, educators, and community leaders.

Our Core Values

Positive Potential for Youth

Fostering the positive potential in all young people is a critical priority and must be cultivated and strengthened by adults and their institutions.

Positive Life Skills and Character Development

Young people become personally and socially responsible and develop strong character by learning and applying essential life skills in meaningful contexts.  They should actively engage in their own learning and learning cooperatively with others.

Personal and Social Responsibility

The values, attitudes, and knowledge necessary for personal and social responsibility include the timeless principles of respect and caring for self and others, honesty, and trustworthiness, a sense of justice and fairness, service to others, capacity for critical thinking and problem solving, and commitment to family and community.

Parent as Primary Educator

Parents are the primary educators of their children, and enduring, nurturing relationships with caring adults are essential for young people to flourish and grow.


The power and breadth of our mission can best be achieved through dynamic, mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations and associations.

Caring Adults Supporting All Youth, Everywhere

Promoting healthy, responsible, caring behaviours requires adults to work together to build lasting foundations for positive learning experiences in all arenas where young people live, learn, work and play.

Organizational Integrity

We strive for an organizational environment that exemplifies the characteristics of respect and caring that are the hallmarks of our mission.  We will safeguard and nurture ideas through an environment that encourages creative thinking, collaboration, and development of new opportunities for youth.

2022-11 – Lions

Our mission is to provide leadership, knowledge and resources to develop capable young Canadians of positive character.