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Our Mission at Lions Quest Canada – The Centre for Positive Youth Development is to provide leadership, knowledge and resources to develop capable young Canadians of positive character. We do our part by –

  • Sharing the best in current research and resources in Positive Youth Development
  • Connecting with caring people in Canadian communities where children live, learn and play
  • Helping build local capacity through training, consulting services and offering top quality resources
  • Working to make a positive and sustainable difference for Canadian children and youth

Lions Quest Canada – The Centre for Positive Youth Development is proud to offer a variety of workshop, training and consulting experiences designed to build local capacity and enhance your efforts in support of children and youth in your community. You can choose from our proven line up of options or we can customize the service to the needs of your audience.

Lions Quest School-Based Workshops

Our Lions Quest School-Based Program Workshops will expose participants to the five program components –

  • Classroom Curriculum Resources
  • Service-Learning
  • Family Involvement
  • Positive School Climate
  • Professional Development & Follow Up

The workshops also model the development of a positive learning environment, and prepare you for implementation of the programs.

We believe that the Lions Quest School-Based Programs will –

  • Develop positive behaviours such as self-discipline, good judgement, and responsibility
  • Practice skills and strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Learn the importance of respecting others
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Embrace a healthy, drug-free approach to life

The workshop is a comprehensive blend of skill building, participation in activities from the curriculum, discussion, sharing, and time for reflection. Participants will be able to become involved with the materials in the same ways the curriculum asks students to become involved. You will also have time to explore your own creativity and share resources with others. We believe you will find it informational, instructional, and rewarding.

Our experience, supported by considerable research, has shown that even the best material is only as good as the instructor’s knowledge of how to use it. Our workshops will give potential program leaders a solid understanding of the program goals and hands-on experience with the material.

The entire workshop serves as a model of what should take place in a class using the Lions Quest School-Based Programs. Under the leadership of a Lions Quest Canada trainer, the participants work together and explore ways to help young people develop responsibility, self-confidence, self-discipline, and a commitment to helping others. Learning, skill building, and personal interaction combine to create the positive atmosphere that is the essence of a classroom using the Lions Quest School-Based Programs.

Lions Quest School-Based Program Workshops are open to anyone interested in helping young people, including parents, clergy, teachers, counselors, administrators, and representatives of community agencies.

Lions Quest 2022 Workshop Flyer

2022-11 – Lions

Our mission is to provide leadership, knowledge and resources to develop capable young Canadians of positive character.