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Building Healthy Communities for Positive Youth Development


Part of The Search Institute Series on Developmentally Attentive Community and Society, Vol. 7

Product Description

Michael J. Nakkula, Karen C. Foster, Marc Mannes, Shenita Bolstrom

The Healthy Communities • Healthy Youth (HC • HY) project has provided grassroots support for the creation of robust, welcoming environments not only for children and adolescents at risk but for all youth. Building Healthy Communities for Positive Youth Development explains the Developmental Assets framework in depth and demonstrates how eight local initiatives across the country have adapted and implemented it to fit the unique cultures and resources of their neighborhoods and the needs and strengths of their young people. Stakeholders collaborating in the process include parents, educators, politicians, service providers, law enforcement, volunteers, and—as active participants instead of merely recipients of services—youth themselves.
In this visionary book, the authors provide readers with a flexible, living blueprint for promoting the well-being of children and teenagers. Areas of coverage include:
•    Core themes of the eight HC • HY initiatives.
•    The use of an asset-based common language among participants.
•    Building common ground among the various sectors involved in the initiatives.
•    The varied roles of young people within the initiatives.
•    Research design and methodology; data collection and interpretation.
•    Funding issues and challenges.

240 pages.


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