Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity


A Toolkit For Secondary Schools

Product Description

In their research covering six diverse high schools in the northeast, authors David Wangaard, Ed.D., and Jason Stephens, Ph.D., discovered that over 90% of students participate in some form of cheating during the average school year. Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity aims to reverse this trend, and it provides the following:

  • A research-based justification for schools and communities to make academic integrity a priority.
  • Tools, resources, and strategies to improve students’ sense of scholastic honesty and help them resist cheating.
  • A discussion of plagiarism and tips to prevent it.
  • Activities on reproducible handouts (also included on an enclosed CD-ROM).

In addition, Wangaard and Stephens give instructions for establishing an Academic Integrity Committee—with representatives from the school administration, teachers, students, and the parent community—to plan and implement policies that support a climate of honesty and hard work.

David Wangaard, Ed.D. and Jason Stephens, Ph.D.
2011, 8.5 x 11, 250 pages.