Through-U: Families Become MediaWise Education Kit

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Product Description

Help professionals and families you serve learn how our media culture benefits and harms children’s school readiness and success. Developed by the National Institute on Media and the Family, this updated version of the MediaWise education program provides critical information to parents in three activity-packed sessions.

The complete program kit contains materials to deliver the three-session through-U Program to 25 participants. You receive:

  • The Ambassador’s Guide: The three-session through-U Program with everything you need to lead a program
  • An educational DVD that features four videos for use in the training sessions including Brain Power, Barney vs Power Rangers, and Jolts & Tricks.
  • Six session activity sheets for 25 participants
  • Sets of 25 tip brochures titled: Mind Games, Internet Safety, 12 Tips to Tame the Tube, and Tot Smart
  • One set of 5 promotional posters for use in your meeting room or to advertise your session


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