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52 Short and Simple E-mails for Sharing the Asset Message

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Product Description

Would you like to send out a weekly asset message? Now it’s easy—we’ve done the work for you with 52 ready-made e-mail messages in the Instant Assets CD. Simply cut, paste, and send to staff, parents, teachers, youth professionals, and other adults you want to educate about the 40 Developmental Assets. Send messages on their own, or add them to your organization’s existing communication, whether it’s e-mail, Web-based, or print! Send them as they are or customize them to suit your audience. You can even time them to meet specific goals, such as promoting a youth-volunteering event (Message #13, Service to Others) or touting a summer reading program (Message #33, Reading for Pleasure). This CD is complete with specific asset-building tips for use at home, in the community, at school, or in a youth program. Each message is provided in both English and Spanish.

With Instant Assets, you’ll get:

  • Two general messages about assets, why they are important, and how to build them with and for young people
  • 40 messages dedicated to each one of the 40 Developmental Assets
  • A message about the Internal assets
  • A message about the External assets
  • Eight messages dedicated to each one of the eight asset categories

As an added bonus you’ll also get the Asset Category icons and the Healthy Communities • Healthy Youth logo to allow you to add an eye-catching visual to your messages. Sharing the Developmental Assets has never been easier!