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Keeping the Arts Alive


Keeping the Arts Alive provides practical solutions to withstand budget shortfalls, create or maintain arts programs, and enrich the lives of all participants.

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Product Description

  • Support for school and community arts programs is often at risk in the wake of budget cuts. Based on compelling research from Search Institute, Keeping the Arts Alive not only explains why arts education is vital, but it also provides tools and resources to help readers develop and maintain sustainable arts programs. Current Search Institute research has found a direct connection between arts programs and student success, community involvement, and reduction in juvenile delinquency. Furthermore, involvement in the creative arts is the passion that youth most frequently report. Leverage this research and learn how to keep your program thriving with these helpful tools:
    • Research to help readers make a strong case for continued funding.
    • Practical ideas for funding and fundraising.
    • Advice for after-school and community arts programs.

    6 X 9, 224 pages


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