The Mentor’s Field Guide


Product Description

by Gail Manza and Susan K. Patrick

Maybe you’re new to mentoring, or maybe you bring years of experience. Perhaps you mentor through a formal program, or maybe you mentor informally as a teacher, youth group leader, or youth-serving volunteer. Whatever your connection with mentoring, you will find practical counsel and endless inspiration in this first-ever guide to the art and science of mentoring. Authors Manza and Patrick, both noted youth development experts, have developed the definitive compendium of mentoring information and resources—packaged in one easy-to-navigate guide. You’ll find answers to questions that have intrigued, concerned and confounded other mentors. And you’ll be in good company as the authors draw from the latest research, evidence-based practices, and case examples.

Success Keys

  • Addresses a spectrum of common and sensitive mentor-mentee concerns
  • Serves as a field guide of mentoring information and resources
  • Offers practical counsel and useful suggestions

About the authors A nationally recognized leader of public/private initiatives focused on helping young people succeed, social worker Gail Manza is the former CEO of MENTOR. Manza served as a founding chair of the Federal Mentoring Council and its National Mentoring Working Group, co-founder of 1,000 Women for Mentoring, and continues to serve MENTOR as an emeritus fellow. Youth development and mentoring consultant Susan K. Patrick, founder of the Connecticut Mentoring Partnership, has created numerous mentoring guides and tool kits. She is the former president of the Governor’s Prevention Partnership in Connecticut, a statewide public-private partnership dedicated to keeping Connecticut’s youth safe, successful, and drug free.

Softcover, 240 pages


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