Time's running out - but if you are a Lion/Lioness/Leo - join us for the webinar tomorrow at 2 pm EST to find out "What the Heck is Lions Quest?". See you then!

It was a pleasure to speak at the 5M13 Lions Convention today to share info and thank the Lions. They sponsored 4 wksps in the last 5 wks - w support of @LCIF - student teachers at BU & 7 schools in Hutterite Colonies in PSSD. Look forward to equipping more villagers in 5M13!

Still time to register for the upcoming webinar "What the Heck is Lions Quest?" geared for the Lions Family and scheduled for Wed March 2 at 2 pm EST. Don't delay, sign up today!

At a recent Lions Quest Social Emotional Learning workshop - the participants told us how they describe a relationship-centred learning community. We agree - retweet if you do too! https://t.co/kkxxO15h1W LionsQuestCan photo

Last chance to register for our webinar today at 2 pm EST - Social Emotional Learning & Lions Quest programs - hope you can join us!