Excited to be working with another great group of educators from across Canada today - about 250 more students will be developing social emotional learning competencies as a result. #SEL #LionsQuest https://t.co/lL9VU9njiF LionsQuestCan photo

Thankful for mothers today! Take a moment to share specific ways they are special to you - and compliment all other family members too! #SEL #family #LionsQuest #mothersday #relationships https://t.co/HFLaIMx93Z LionsQuestCan photo

Here's a very helpful website to support mental wellbeing during this pandemic: https://t.co/2380oLCLAp https://t.co/nQgNcYnW0B LionsQuestCan photo

Check out these activities for virtual settings & other resources in our latest newsletter https://t.co/iiY81znW8B https://t.co/h8Dzo6IuYI LionsQuestCan photo