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It was great speaking with you this morning! https://t.co/1M9U5tJfAZ

This is a message we have been saying for years - so true!! https://t.co/dWMG2YPxhf

Love the Snail and the Caterpillar clip - need to track down that link 🙂 https://t.co/HW8OkUWVog
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@D_ExnerCortens delivers the opening keynote at #PREVNetconf - “We need to think holistically - what are the different oppressions youth might face because of their identity, & how do they interact? We need to take into account all factors to be effective in violence prevention” https://t.co/doIVbCqWp0

Have learned so much through this network, and look forward to the future #PREVNetconf https://t.co/7l7HQf2F4j