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Lions Quest Skills for Growing, Skills for Adolescence, and Skills for Action are Social Emotional Learning programs in use by educators in over 100 countries around the world.

Success in school and in life depends on more than just literacy & numeracy skills.  Lions Quest schools have improved:

  • school climate
  • student-teacher relationships
  • interpersonal skills
  • commitment to service

Lessons take only 30-45 minutes per week and the professional development is active, engaging, and effective.

The required Professional Development is available on-site or virtually and includes three components -

  1. Building a relationship-centred learning community
  2. Lesson Design & Instructional Strategies
  3. Implementation

The two hour virtual training requires self-directed learning prior to the online session.  The on-site training is 4-6 hours, depending on the amount of advance preparation that participants will complete.

The training fee ($350-425/person) includes the training required to implement the program as well as the complete package of material for one grade level.  See the calendar for upcoming dates.  

Family/Caregiver Engagement is strengthened through handout material, homework assignments and a series of meetings that follow the sequential nature of the program. 

The program extends out to the community through Service Learning and partnerships with Lions Clubs and other community initiatives.  

Building a Positive School Climate is a key component as a relationship-centred learning community is important to successful implementation.

Skills for Growing (K-5) and Skills for Adolescence (Gr 6-8) includes:

The Facilitator's Resource Guide is an easy-to-use "teacher's edition" that contains lesson plans, assessment strategies, enrichment activites as well as family/community connections activities.  Each grade level has over 30 lessons to provide enough material to deliver it once a week for the full school year.  

  • Unit 1:  A Positive Learning Community
  • Unit 2:  Personal Development
  • Unit 3:  Social Development
  • Unit 4:  Health and Prevention
  • Unit 5:  Leadership and Service
  • Unit 6:  Reflection and Closure

The Universal Program Guide includes the program rationale and overview, classroom implementation models, and guidelines for effective schoolwide implementation.  Also included are instructional strategies for creating a relationship-centred classroom, developing a positive school climate, and implementing service-learning.

The Digital Resources offer rich ancillary support including "projectables" for whole-class presentations, Family Connection take-home worksheets, and the Families as Partners guide designed to encourage family engagement and involvement in the program.

The Student Journal provides opportunities to practice and apply the skills found in each lesson.  It is available in print and digital format.

Lions Quest Skills for Growing/Adolescence (K - Grade 8) Flyer

Lions Quest Programs Brochure (12 pages)

Grade 4, Unit 3, Lesson 1 (sample lesson)

Grade 7, Unit 1, Lesson 2 (sample lesson)

(French translation currently available for Grades 2, 5, 6, 7, with more to come) 

Links to Learning Outcomes

Skills for Action (Grade 9-12): 

The program is adaptable to both school and community settings and has been designed to develop personal & social responsibility through a service-learning approach.

The Skills Bank and Curriculum Manual includes step-by-step instructions for conducting program sessions, assessment tools, printable student handouts.  There are two options for delivery - a project-based model in an existing class or a placement-based model where students work with an outside community-based organization.

In addition the flexible Skills Bank contains lessions in six broad categories of skills (also available as a standalone unit):

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Personal Management & Responsibility
  • Student and Writing
  • Preventing Use of Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Coping with Bullying & Intimidation

The Facilitator's Resource Guide & Advisory Team Handbook includes the program rationale and overview, a discussion of experiential education, general information about implementation, and roles & responsiblities of the team members.

The Making a Difference Student Magazine provides thematic readings by an assortment of writers of all ages, quotations, and open-ended questions generally to be answered in writing in student Learning Logs.  The magazine is inspirational and motivational.  It is available in print and digital format.

The required Professional Development includes three components - a webinar overview, material review & reflection assignment, and coaching as needed.  

Lions Quest Skills for Action (Secondary School) Information

Lions Quest Skills Bank (Stand Alone Unit)

Evidence-based Comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Programs

Lions Quest programs are an effective tool for the implementation of the Social Emotional Learning Framework from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (www.casel.org).

Link to International Research on Lions Quest Programs

Social Emotional Learning & Lions Quest (one-hour on-demand webinar)