Get Things Going (2nd edition)

Get Things Going (2nd edition)

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85 Asset-Building Activities for Workshops, Presentations, and Meetings


Give your meetings or presentations an asset kick!  Fun-filled activities to transform meetings, workshops, trainings, and group culture.  Get Things Going! is a resource full of engaging meeting openers, mind benders, closings, and other useful meeting activities connected to the asset framework that help groups get acquainted.  Inside you'll find:

  • A refreshing collection of icebreakers and mixers that will help your group get acquainted with each other and set the tone for your time together.

  • A variety of team-building activities that focus specifically on increasing participants' knowledge and understanding of the 40 assets.

  • Interactive games for intergenerational audiences.

  • Meeting closers that help participants reflect on the information they've learned and spark enthusiasm for continued involvement with asset building.

Best Use:  By trainers, presenters, facilitators, and asset-champions to engage others, build trust, and incorporate the Developmental Assets in creative and meaningful ways.

128 pages